Cleaners Application


General cleaning inside the home: 

UGS Household Blend is our light to medium cleaning formula, wonderfully effective for cleaning items like: counters, sinks and bathroom fixtures; for dishwashing, greasy pots and stove exhaust screens; laundry, cleaning carpets, tile floors and windows; light fixtures, door and window sills. Removes oily residues left over from food frying.

Patio, garden and lanai areas: 

UGS Industrial Blend effectively cleans everything in these areas, including but not limited to: patio tiles, screening and lanai frames; removes insect residue, cleans greasy barbeque grills and accessories, vents, metal spouting and outdoor furniture.

Personal Use:

UGS Household Blend is mild and safe enough to use as a shampoo and body wash for every member of the family, from babies to pets. Non-irritating and without heavy perfumes, it leaves skin and hair squeaky clean and fresh smelling. Use it to remove oil based makeup and as an effective hand wash. Ultimate Green Solution cleaners are actually safe enough with which to brush your teeth (clients tell us they use it for that purpose)! They are 100% bio-degradable and carcinogenic-free, contain no toxic chemicals and give off no toxic or obnoxious odors. Many people who suffer from allergies find that UGS cleaners dramatically reduce their allergy symptoms.


Ultimate Green Solution Industrial Blend (also sometimes called Ultimate Green Solution 25) is so versatile and effective, it takes the place of the multiple chemical cleaners now being used by janitors. Instead of having to purchase toilet cleaners, sink & countertop cleaners, disinfectants, floor cleaners and window cleaners, janitors can now purchase one multiple purpose cleaner to serve all their needs….. for less than $1 per quart...

Hotels, Motels, Conference Centers, Spas and Restaurants:

Clients who use our Ultimate Green Solution cleaner and degreasing solutions in the hospitality arena are amazed by their versatility. They use Ultimate Green Solution in reception areas, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, appliances and on greasy equipment, sinks and floors. They use it in the laundry and to shine surfaces in public areas. Ultimate Green Solution lacks the tell-tale smell of strong disinfectants, leaving areas fresh and clean smelling. Employees who use the solutions love the fact there are no harsh chemicals or odors and comment on how many fewer headaches and breathing problems they have after switching to our cleaning solutions. Because UGS cleaners replace multiple cleaning products, it saves small businesses money (less than $1/quart of ready to use product). Healthy, safe, effective and inexpensive…. a win-win for the hospitality business.

Small Business:

UGS cleaners serve as a versatile and inexpensive substitute for traditional chemically based cleaners in the commercial business arena, useful for cleaning all surfaces and fixtures in work areas. Because UGS solutions are non-carcinogenic, they create a safer, more healthful environment for employees and customers alike, helping to reduce employee work related medical claims. Since UGS Cleaners are totally biodegradable and contain no harsh chemicals, they will not harm the environment when disposed of in drains. This protects small businesses from the potential of EPA related violations. At less than $1.00 per quart of ready-to-use solutions, our cleaners help reduce overhead costs. That's a side-effect any small businesses entrepreneur can live with!



A growing and excited client base is that of pet groomers. Long-time UGS users learned long ago that the same safe cleaning solution they use for their families….. also extends to their pets. Now pet groomers have discovered Ultimate Green Solutions. Our pet groomer customers report that Ultimate Green Solutions is less irritating to the pets and themselves and that the pets are much easier to comb out after shampooing with Ultimate Green Solutions. They find their pets smell fresh and clean after shampooing with Ultimate Green Solutions (no more "doggy odor"). Clients report fewer skin problems with their animals, a particular problem with some breeds. The cleaning agents leave pet grooming equipment in sparkling condition, including helping scissors stay sharper longer by removal of the oils left behind from pet fur. At less than $1.00 per quart, groomers are finding that replacing pet shampoos and other cleaners they currently use results in higher profits. Safe, healthier pets; good for the environment; good for your bottom line. What more could you ask? 


Horse owners and groomers take notice! A growing number of people like you are finding that Ultimate Green Solutions Cleaners work wonderfully well as a shampoo and general cleaning agent for their horses, while also leaving the animals and their stable areas clean and fresh smelling. UGS Cleaners have no harsh chemicals or odors to irritate the horse or the groomer's skin or lungs so are an exceptional alternative to perfumed and/or chemical shampoos often used on animals. You will find UGS to be an indispensable and versatile tool for all your equine cleaning needs. 


The joy of our Ultimate Green Solutions Cleaners is that they contain absolutely NO harmful chemicals and are totally bio-degradable, making them 100% safe around food products. For the same reasons, our UGS solutions are safe to use without special equipment and can be disposed of down drains or onto the ground without fear of harming the environment. Because Ultimate Green Solutions Cleaners are so inexpensive they also help farmers save money…… a BIG deal in today's competitive market!



Ultimate Green Solutions Oil Clean (UGS Oil Clean), a sister product of our Ultimate Green Solutions cleaners, is exceptionally effective at removing heavy grease and oils from marine surfaces, without polluting waterways. Because of its degreasing qualities, UGS Oil Clean works well in cleaning bilges, boat motors and for cleaning rods and reels. It easily cleans up any organic residue such as fish oils and blood. Unlike many chemical based cleaners on the market today, UGS Oil Clean is non-toxic, 100% bio-degradable and totally safe for humans and marine species. Its lack of odor and toxic chemicals makes it a joy to use in tight and enclosed spaces like those found in boat interiors. UGS Oil Clean can be an amazing new tool in your marine closet…… while saving you money. 


Ultimate Green Solutions Oil Clean (UGS Oil Clean) can be used to clean heavy grease and oil off surfaces without any harsh chemical side-effects. Spray it on greasy engines and in tool pits to remove heavy grease buildup on those items. Mechanics will be amazed at how quickly it removes grease from hands without any irritating side effects to skin or lungs. Totally bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-fuming and non-carcinogenic, UGS Oil Clean can be washed down drains without fear of breaking environmental laws, a huge benefit over the costly disposal methods currently required for toxic cleaning chemicals in automotive service areas. 


UGS Oil Clean removes heavy grease, tar and other petroleum based grime from industrial equipment. It is specifically formulated for effectively cleaning industrial tools and equipment, without harm to humans or the environment. Non-toxic, non-irritating to skin, odor-free, non-carcinogenic and 100% bio-degradable, this amazingly effective cleaning solution is cost-effective to use while being environmentally friendly. It provides a phenomenal opportunity for the industrial sector to reduce the amount of chemical exposure to its employees and the environment, which will increase employee productivity, avoid costly EPA encounters and save money.


Chemical residues from long-gone industrial sites, over-fertilization, etc. contaminate soils and clog the roots of plants, preventing them from being able to efficiently take up vital nutrients and moisture necessary for growth. The cost to business for cleaning up these areas is extraordinary. The environmental concerns about the long-term effect of such contamination on the earth and its people are particularly troubling. 

Enter Ultimate Green Solutions Oil Clean: Amazingly, the same oil cleaner that is so spectacularly effective at cleaning surfaces is equally effective on soil! The method by which Ultimate Green Solutions Oil Clean is developed results in a solution of microscopically small particles that, through quantum chemistry processes, is able to break down the molecules in oil and other contaminants in the soil so they can be easily dissolved and washed away. In the process, residual nutrients that were previously locked into the contaminant laden soils are also released for absorption into plant life. Oxygen exchange in the soil is also dramatically improved. Ultimate Green Solutions Oil Clean, like ALL Ultimate Green Solutions Cleaners and Degreasers, is 100% bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-fuming, non-carcinogenic and inexpensive to use. At a cost of approximately $5.00 per acre, Ultimate Green Solutions Oil Clean is an amazing value for those with contaminated soil problems.