What is Ultimate Green Solution?

Ultimate Green Solutions Cleaners are formulated from pure, plant-based ingredients. Their use in the home and public workplace results in a safer, healthier environment for people. Because UGS cleaners are totally bio-degradable and environmentally safe, they can be disposed of down drains or onto the ground without harming the environment. Because they are totally non-irritating and non-fuming, they are a wonderful alternative for people with skin or breathing issues. Ultimate Green Solutions cleaning solutions leave no tell-tale odors of typical cleaners; areas where they are used simply smell clean. Safe and healthy for people and other mammals; safe for the environment: Those are worth-while things to be passionate about! 

Our products are widely used in the followng areas:

  • Home & Garden
  • Hospitaltiy & Commercial
  • Pets - Equine - Daily
  • Marine, Automotive & Industrial
  • Soil Cleanser