What products are included in your Ultimate Green Solutions line?

 Although we use a variety of labels for our products, they are more related to market simplicity than to differences in our solutions. We offer two basic cleaning product lines – BOTH of which are safer for humans, animals and the environment, are non-toxic and 100% bio-degradable: Ultimate Green Solutions Cleaners and Degreasers – marketed under the labels Ultimate Green Solutions Industrial Blend, Ultimate Green Solutions Household Blend, Ultimate Green Solutions 25, Ultimate Green Solutions 100, Ultimate Green Solutions Hand Soap, and Organic Cleaner/Degreasers (Miilitary Blend), these products are made from the same basic formulation in different ready-to-use dilutions…designed for the specific purposes described below. 

What are Ultimate Green Solutions (UGS) cleaning solutions made of?

Processed extracts from a variety of natural plants, including but not limited to: corn, coconut, cactus, grains, herbs and sugar cane plus bio-degradable surfactants and emulsifiers. They are 100% bio-degradable contain NO harmful toxins or carcinogen-causing agents, and are safer for humans and animals.

There are many "so-called" safe cleaners on the market today. What makes UGS cleaners and degreasers different??

Unlike traditional cleaners on the market today, UGS cleaners contain NO carcinogenic ingredients. That is why we can certify them to be "Carcinogen-Free". They are safer for humans and the environment. 

Why are UGS Cleaners more effective against dirt and grime than other bio-based cleaners?

 Using the science of quantum chemistry, we blend processed extracts of these natural plants into a solution that contains millions of tiny particles (micelles) that are capable of penetrating oils and greases at the molecular level, dissolving them so they can be easily wiped or washed away.